TNO talks

Are you considering a career with TNO? And are you curious about other people’s work experience? Find out more with TNO Talks. In this video series, TNO professionals tell you all about their work.

See what they do, how they do it, and what advice they’d like to give you as a student or a graduate seeking their first job.

TNO Talks episode 1: The influence of heat and cold on human performance

In this episode, Boris Kingma tells you all about life as a researcher at TNO. He explains what it means to be a Human Performance Analyst.

TNO Talks with Boris Kingma, Human Performance Analyst at TNO.

TNO Talks episode 2: Solving societal problems from space

Kees Buijsrogge talks in this episode about his work as director of Space at TNO. He explains how you can contribute to achieving societal objectives from space.

TNO Talks with Kees Buijsrogge, director of Space at TNO.

TNO Talks episode 3: How do you investigate new applications of quantum mechanics?

In episode 3, Nora Fahrenfort takes you through her work as a Systems Engineer in the field of quantum technology. She tells us why Einstein is her inspiration and shares why it’s OK not to be too hard on yourself when you start your first job.

TNO Talks with Nora Fahrenfort, Systems Engineer at TNO.

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