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Annelies Huygen

EMAIL: [email protected]
TEL: +31610748122


The energy transition is a major challenge. Everyone has to deal with it: the government, energy companies, the energy-intensive industry, other companies, NGOs and consumers. Their interests are great. Independent research is therefore important. In my research into the organization of the Dutch energy market, I combine technology, economy and law. In addition, I pay particular attention to innovation and the position of the consumer.

Until some time ago, technology was central to the search for a sustainable society. My research shows that the social side is just as important. New technologies cannot simply enter the market: the legal system must allow this. I investigate the economic and legal design of energy markets in the Netherlands and abroad and I analyze which systems work and which do not. Based on this, I make proposals to improve the Dutch system, with extra attention to innovation and the possibilities to involve consumers in their own energy supply. The publications are in Dutch. That fits best with the subject (the Dutch legal system).

My research shows that the legal effect is essential, and that Dutch laws and regulations can be improved, not only from the point of view of innovation but also from the perspective of consumer protection. Like more TNO research, the research has direct implications for Dutch public debate and policy. That is why I focus on disseminating my research results to the government, energy companies and other companies, NGOs and consumers. I do this, for example, through TNO papers (the most recent, Nice and warm without natural gas, has been viewed more than 15,000 times and downloaded more than 2000 times), through media appearances, as an expert in the Lower House and by giving advice to all sorts of stakeholders. about drafting legislation.


  • Annelies Huygen en Sanne Akerboom, Platitudes voor een goed energiebeleid, S&D 2019/6 (2020)
  • Annelies Huygen en Sanne Akerboom, Geef gemeenten de vrijheid om innovatieve warmtenetten toe te staan, ESB 15 april 2020 (en een interview in de Energiekrant Energeia van 15 april 2020).
  • Annelies Huygen, Sanne Akerboom, Saskia Lavrijssen, inbreng bij de consultatie over de Warmtewet, juli 2020.
  • Annelies Huygen, leren van het buitenland, essay in bundel uitgegeven in opdracht van de Gemeente Amsterdam
  • Stuk in Energeia, 15 april 2020
  • Keynote Warmtecongres (met Sanne Akerboom), georganiseerd door Euroforum, 26 november 2020
  • Keynote Klimaattafel gemeente Tilburg , 1 december 2020
  • Lunchlezing Copernicus, Utrecht University, 7 december 2020
  • Lunchlezing UCWOSL, Universiteit Utrecht, 2 november
  • presentatie aan de Raad van Commissarissen Woningcorporatie Eigen Haard, , 19 juni
  • Webinar georganiseerd door coöperatie Middenmeer, 28 september 2020
  • Werkbijeenkomst Het Groene Brein, 21 april 2020
  • Expert bij webinar voor Leden van de Tweede Kamer, georganiseerd door Netbeheer Nederland, 11 mei 2020
  • Expert bij webinar voor de Leden van de Tweede Kamer van de SGP over hun verkiezingsprogramma, georganiseerd door de SGP
  • expert inzake de Leiding over Midden Gemeenteraad Den Haag, , 8 januari 2020.
  • Expert-adviezen aan D66 over hun warmtevisie en hun initiatiefnota Elektriciteitswet
  • Discussie over warmtevoorzieningen in Pakhuis de Zwijger, 4 november 2020,
  • Cursus voor energiecoöperaties, georganiseerd door Drift (UR), 8 december 2020
  • Cursus Res en Omgevingswet, 6 oktober 2020, georganiseerd door Berghauser Pont.
  • Podcast over lokale voorzieningen, voor Hier Opgewekt, de vereniging van coöperaties, november 2020.
  • Interview in tijdschrift Empuls, februari 2020
  • Energiecafé Brabant, georganiseerd door Empuls, 7 februari 2020


Sanne Akerboom (samen met Henk Addink), a PhD obtained in October 2018 on the thesis “Between public participation and energy transition: the case of wind farms”. 



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