Gerwin Gelinck

Gerwin Gelinck

Professor Flexible and Large-area Electronics
Gerwin Gelinck

My research activities at Holst Centre focus on the development of flexible electronics technology to enable flexible electronic products which are generally thin, lightweight, energy efficient and robust.

Research area

Since 2014 I am full professor at the University of Technology of Eindhoven. My research chair ‘Flexible and large-area electronics’ is hosted by the research group Molecular Materials and nanosystems, which is headed by prof. R.A.J. Janssen.

In collaboration with leading companies and academic groups around the world I was part of the research team that demonstrated world-first prototypes such as foldable mobile phone displays and curved medical X-ray detectors. Technology transfer projects have enabled our partnering companies to absorb these new technologies and further scale up to applications, successfully completing the innovation cycle. For the coming years, I will concentrate on medical and health monitoring devices. Technologies originally developed to make foldable displays and semi-transparent imagers will be used in microfluidic lab/organ-on-a-chips, bioelectronics and brain-computer interfaces.

My current academic research focuses on charge and energy transport in disordered, mostly organic semiconductors and on the physics of light-sensing devices based on those. In addition, I work on novel organic ferro- and piezoelectric materials for amongst others medical ultrasound applications with the final goal to take ultrasound imaging out of the hospital and into the hands of everyone, enabling unobtrusive remote monitoring and diagnosis.

Recent results

Some highlights of 2021:

  • Our contribution to the SID conference with the title ‘Active-Matrix Mesh Electronics TFT Arrays for Biometrics-under-Display and Biomedical Applications’ won Distinguished Paper award.
  • Three photodetector papers published in Nature journals, as part of a long-standing cooperation with leading groups in academia and industry

PhD supervision

  • Ollearo (TNO VP)
  • Xiao Ma (EU)

Top publications

  • Sarah Deumel, Albert van Breemen, Gerwin Gelinck, Bart Peeters, Joris Maas, Roy Verbeek, Santhosh Shanmugam, Hylke Akkerman, Eric Meulenkamp, Judith E. Huerdler, Manognya Acharya, Marisé García-Batlle, Osbel Almora, Antonio Guerrero, Germà Garcia-Belmonte, Wolfgang Heiss, Oliver Schmidt and Sandro F. Tedde “High-sensitivity high-resolution X-ray imaging with soft-sintered metal halide perovskites”, Nat Electronics 4(9) 2021 681-688.
  • Albert J. J. M. van Breemen*, Riccardo Ollearo, Santhosh Shanmugam, Bart Peeters, Laurens C. J. M. Peters, Richard L. van de Ketterij, Ilias Katsouras, Hylke B. Akkerman, Corné H. Frijters, Francesco Di Giacomo, Sjoerd Veenstra, Ronn Andriessen, René A. J. Janssen, Eric A. Meulenkamp, Gerwin H. Gelinck, “Paper-thin all-in-one scanner for fingerprints and documents using metal halide perovskites“, Nat Electronics. 2021.
  • Riccardo Ollearo, Junke Wang, Matthew J. Dyson, Christ H. L. Weijtens, Marco Fattori, Bas T. van Gorkom, Albert J. J. M. van Breemen, Stefan C. J. Meskers, René A. J. Janssen and Gerwin H. Gelinck “Ultralow dark current in near-infrared perovskite photodiodes by reducing charge injection and interfacial charge generation” Nat. Comm 12, 7277 (2021).

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