Gerwin Gelinck

Gerwin Gelinck

Principle Scientist
Gerwin Gelinck

In my research I focus on the development of next-generation microelectronics and (integrated) photonics technology.

Research area

My expertise is the result of a career-long interest in new semiconductor materials, advanced fabrication processes and device concepts. From my PhD in light-emitting polymers through flexible display research at Philips Research to my new decade-long appointment at the Holst Centre I helped flexible electronics becoming a reality - in consumer products (flexible displays) and in medical imaging products (curved and highly sensitive medical X-ray detectors). Current research activities include flexible ultrasound skin patches, microfluidic lab/organ-on-chip, bio-electronics and integrated photonics.

Top publications

  • Flexible active-matrix displays and shift registers based on solution-processed organic transistors, GH Gelinck, HEA Huitema, E Van Veenendaal, E Cantatore, ...Nature materials 3 (2), 106-110 2004. Cited 1904 times (Google Scholar, March 2023).
  • Organic transistors in optical displays and microelectronic applications, G Gelinck, P Heremans, K Nomoto, TD Anthopoulos, Advanced materials 22 (34), 3778-3798. Cited 649 times (Google Scholar, March 2023).
  • Mechanical and electronic properties of thin-film transistors on plastic, and their integration in flexible electronic applications, Paul Heremans, Ashutosh K. Tripathi, Albert de Jamblinne de Meux, Bo Hou, Geoffrey Pourtois, Edsger C.P. Smits, Gerwin H. Gelinck, Advanced Materials 28 4266-4282 (2016). Cited 222 times (Google Scholar, March 2023).

Eindhoven - Holst Centre

High Tech Campus 31
NL-5656 AE Eindhoven

Postal address

P.O. Box 8550
NL-5605 KN Eindhoven