Koen Langendoen

Koen Langendoen

Professor Embedded and Networked Systems
Koen Langendoen

Prof. Langendoen leads the Embedded and Networked Systems group, which has the mission of improving the software development and maintenance process for embedded systems ranging from simple, 8-bit microcontrollers in consumer products to complex, networked controllers in industrial applications, and beyond.

Research area

Although prof. Langendoen’s personal research expertise is mostly on small embedded devices, the software supporting large-scale networks of such devices is complex, and requires a systematic development approach. This aspect directly matches the Systems Engineering focus of TNO/ESI.

Prof. Langendoen also serves as the director of studies for the MSc on Embedded Systems running at TU Delft. In this capacity he strives to educate students with modern software development methods, including Model-Based Software Engineering practiced by TNO/ESI.

Recent results

  • Development of a new modulation scheme for passive VLC based on first principles of Liquid Crystal Displays.
  • Development of a collaborative approach to intermittent computing to address the availability issue in a distributed manner.

PhD supervision

  • Miguel Chavez
  • Weiyu Cui
  • Lingyu Du
  • Keyarash Ghiasi
  • Chenxing Ji
  • Vito Kortbeek
  • Nikolaos Kouvelas
  • Kees Kroep
  • Naram Sultan Mhaisen
  • Sujay Narayana
  • Jorik Oostenbrink
  • Belma Turkovic
  • Weizheng Wang
  • Jasper de Winkel
  • Talia Xu

Top publications

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High Tech Campus 25
NL-5656 AE Eindhoven

Postal address

P.O. Box 6235
NL-5600 HE Eindhoven