Zeger Vroon

Lector Sustainable energy in built environment

My lectorship is active in the monitoring, validation and demonstration of new energy transition products for the Built environment.

Research area

The focus is on sustainable energy generation product (Built Integrated PV products), energy savings products (next generation windows) and energy storage products (batteries). In the domain of energy savings thermochromic and PV windows I work closely with TNO Brightlands Materials Center. In a number of projects on the subject BIPV, there is cooperation with Solliance.

Recent results

Since the begin of the lectorship in 2009, there have been 6 demo sites built on the “District of tomorrow”. In 2018 we realized the PVopMaat demo where we demonstrate and monitor thin film PV in comparison with standard silicon PV modules. The results have shown that thin film modules can be a good alternative for silicon modules in the replacement of asbestos roofs in The Netherlands.

In 2020 we realized two new demos on Chemelot. In WOF we will realize 2 small demo houses where we can monitor, compare and demonstrate new window types from Physee and TNO-BMC in relationship with the existing commercial product (Low-E coating). In Rolling Solar we realized a solar road demo on Chemelot.

Within the lectoriship I further develop new educational programs in the field of Sustainable Energy in Built Environment for the Academy Engineering, Applied Science and Built Environment.

Recents projects

  • Interreg Nederland-Vlaanderen PVopMaat
  • Opzuid Werkelijk bouwen aan BIPV
  • RAAK-Pro Windows of the Future
  • Interreg Maas-Rijn Rolling Solar

Top publications

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