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Urbanism Next Europe conference 2024

Urbanism Next Europe conference 2024 is a collaboration between TU Delft, Urbanism Next Center, part of the University of Oregon, TNO, and AMS. The conference showcases and integrates groundbreaking applied scientific knowledge from various disciplines in the field of urban development. Leading experts and practitioners from around the world convene to address societal challenges in cities and regions. Will you be joining?

09:00 - 17:30 (CET)


  • nico_larco_quote

    Nico Larco

    Urbanism Next Centre (Director), Professor, University of Oregon

  • Diana Vonk Noordegraaf

    Diana Vonk Noordegraaf

    Senior consultant in broad prosperity, transitions and policy

  • tnoer-03-tt_geiske_bouma

    Geiske Bouma

    Senior researcher spatial planning, transitions and urban innovation

Cities, regions and communities worldwide are facing multiple transitions, all requiring scarce space, funding, knowledge and human resources. Emerging technologies such as Mobility as a Service or AI may provide solutions yet may also introduce new challenges. The Urbanism Next Europe conference addresses major societal challenges for urban areas, particularly focusing on the forefront of (technological) innovation in search of concrete action perspectives.

The conference addresses knowledge questions such as:

  • How can cities, regions and community leaders address challenges associated with these emerging technologies and take advantage of the opportunities they present?
  • How should cities, neighborhoods and buildings be redesigned in light of the changes we are seeing?
  • What insights emerge regarding implementations – in terms of opportunities, barriers, use cases, scalability, and uptake?

Programme Urbanism Next Europe conference 2024

The conference will take place from the 9th to the 11th of October 2024 in Amsterdam. You can find the full programme on the website of Urbanism Next Europe conference 2024.

Sessions with TNO staff

  • Autonomous vehicles – Tygo Nijsten, Isabel Wilmink (sessie)
  • Climate & Energy – Yashar Araghi, Charlotte Smit-Rietveld, Geiske Bouma, Matthew Halstead
  • Data & Digital Twins – Jeroen Borst
  • Equity & Welfare beyond GDP – Diana Vonk Noordegraaf, Isabel Wilmink
  • Freight & Logistics – Bram Kin, Luuk Meijer
  • Governance & Policy – Maaike Snelder, Geiske Bouma, Nico Larco, Tanja Vonk
  • Low-car cities & Mobility hubs – Maaike Snelder, Bart van der Poel, Geiske Bouma
  • Multimodality & Public Mobility – Marjolein Heezen, Nico Larco, Kevin Vedder, Maaike Snelder, Yashar Araghi

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