Minne Fekkes


Research area

The research of Prof. Minne Fekkes focuses on the efficacy of programs and elements from programs that aim to strengthen social skills and resilience in young people. His research also focuses on the determinants and context factors that increase the development of social skills and resilience, for example a longitudinal study on the factors that influence the development of young children in Dutch Childcare. Specific focus is given to the development of effective anti-bullying programs for schools in the Netherlands, these programs are aimed at prevention of regular bullying in the schools and cyberbullying.

Recent results

Minne Fekkes supervised 4 PhD students in their research on social skills, resilience and bullying. Minne Fekkes led the Social Skills and Resilience consortium in 2020. This is a partnership of 5 universities and various knowledge institutes. International scientific publications have emerged from the various studies. Furthermore, a large-scale project was acquired via ZonMw that focuses on the national implementation of anti-bullying policy in primary schools via the GGDs.

PhD supervision

  • Brechtje de Mooij, University of Amsterdam
  • Marloes van Verseveld, Hogeschool van Amsterdam/Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Rosanne Sluiter, Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Marion van de Sande, Haagse Hogeschool, Universiteit Leiden

Top publications

  • de Mooij, B., Fekkes, M., Scholte, R. H. J., & Overbeek, G. (2020). Effective Components of Social Skills Training Programs for Children and Adolescents in Nonclinical Samples: A Multilevel Meta-analysis. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, 23(2), 250–264. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10567-019-00308
  • van Verseveld MDA, Fekkes M, Fukkink RG, Oostdam RJ. Effects of Implementing Multiple Components in a School-Wide Antibullying Program: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Elementary Schools. Child Development. 2021 Jul;92(4):1605-1623.
  • Translation, validation, and norming of the Dutch language version of the SF-36 Health Survey in community and chronic disease populations; NK Aaronson, M Muller, PDA Cohen, ML Essink-Bot, M Fekkes, ...; Journal of clinical epidemiology 51 (11), 1055-1068 (1998)
  • Cross-national consistency in the relationship between bullying behaviors and psychosocial adjustment; TR Nansel, W Craig, MD Overpeck, G Saluja, WJ Ruan; Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine 158 (8), 730-736 (2004)
  • Bullying: Who does what, when and where? Involvement of children, teachers and parents in bullying behavior; M Fekkes, FIM Pijpers, SP Verloove-Vanhorick; Health education research 20 (1), 81-91 (2005)

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