Industrial carbon capture
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SEWGS: revolutionary CO2-reduction technology

In order to make existing industrial production processes cleaner, TNO has developed a technology that very efficiently captures CO2 while simultaneously producing hydrogen. Watch the webinar and learn more about the SEWGS technology.

Transform the industry with SEWGS

SEWGS is a revolutionary Dutch platform technology which is particularly attractive for the production of blue hydrogen from industrial residual gases and synthesis gas. It also enables industry to produce hydrogen at a lower cost, in a more energy-efficient manner and on a larger scale than is currently possible with green hydrogen.

Watch the webinar

TNO expert Soledad van Eijk presented and discussed the possibilities and potential of this technology with partners. In this interactive webinar was room for questions and discussion.

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Unique test installation for CO2 capture and conversion to green chemicals

16 March 2023

While the world is fully engaged in electrolysis to produce hydrogen by splitting water, TNO is also using this technology to convert CO2. CO2 electrolysis is a promising electrochemical technique for converting this greenhouse gas into high-quality sustainable chemicals.



To make industry more sustainable, we've developed a revolutionary technology that captures CO2 very efficiently while producing blue hydrogen.

Capturing carbon emissions from industry

CO2 emissions from industry are huge. These can be reduced through carbon capture, carbon storage, and reusing CO2 in practical ways.

Multi-partner ALIGN-CCUS project

The multi-partner ALIGN-CCUS project, funded by the ERA-NET ACT, researches quick, cost-effective large-scale carbon capture, usage and storage.

Award-winning excellence: CO2 capture applied

6 September 2021
How do you capture CO2 before it reaches the atmosphere? Chemical engineer Juliana Monteiro, winner of the TNO Young Excellent Researcher Award 2020, answers.