Biobased fuels and chemicals
Energy & Materials Transition

Unravel: valorization of lignocellulosic biomass

Specialists from the entire value chain work together on the development and scale-up of the mild fractionation process, FABIOLA(TM) which has a large potential for improving the cost-effective pretreatment of biomass. The fractionation of pre-extracted agricultural, forestry and food-processing residues will result in high yields of sugars and lignin, which will be converted to fuels, building blocks for bio-based products and bio-polymers.

Pile of birch
Birch as a feedstock for biorefinery
Pile of birch pulp
Birch pulp after fractionation with FABIOLA(TM)
Pile of birch lignin
Birch lignin after fractionation with FABIOLA(TM)

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Biomass to fuels and feedstock

Biomass transition sustainability: biobased economy, fuel heat industry, aviation, shipping, heavy road transport, heating space, electricity.

Cost-effective sustainable aviation fuel

20 April 2021
The EU funded project HIGFLY aims to produce sustainable aviation fuels from low-cost and abundant biobased feedstocks.