Sustainable solar on land and water

It is expected that in 10 years’ time, the Netherlands will generate 5 times more solar energy than it did in 2020. And in 2050, it will be 20 times more. A major roll-out of solar farms on land and water is needed to achieve this.

Solar energy in the surroundings

We’re conducting studies how a major roll-out of solar farms on land and water can be achieved without impacting the landscape, water quality or ecology.

Our latest developments

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TNO Symposium 40 years of solar energy

17 May 2022

The Solar community gathered for the retirement of Wim Sinke, principal scientist solar energy at TNO and professor at the University of Amsterdam.

Developers of Renewable Energy Training Centre in Indonesia target the youth

28 February 2022
TNO and Politeknik Negeri Bali (PNB) are setting up a sustainable energy training centre in Indonesia. Find out more about the project in Bali.

Launch of study on new flexible solar energy systems for offshore application

29 November 2021
TNO launches research into new flexible solar energy systems on water. For the pilot, solar panels have been installed in the Oostvoornse Meer.