Adelbert Bronkhorst

Adelbert Bronkhorst

Professor Applied Cognitive Psychology
Adelbert Bronkhorst

In my research I focus on human factors: the interaction between humans and their technological environment and how this can be improved.

Research area

My specific focus is on issues related to perception and cognitive task performance. My research links directly with the goals of the roadmap Operations and Human Factors of the Unit Defence, Safety and Security, in particular with the work on human performance and human-machine collaboration.

Recent results

Together with prof. M. Meeter from the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics of the VU University I have supervised the PhD research of Kim White. She has studied subjective and physiological effects of aircraft noise on human performance. Her work resulted in 3 peer-reviewed publications and 5 peer-reviewed conference proceedings and a thesis which she defended in December 2018. I was also one of the supervisors of Annemarie Landman, who received her PhD degree cum laude from the Delft University of Technology in September 2019. She conducted several experiments in flight simulators and in an aircraft to study effects of startle and surprise on pilot performance. The research has been published in 7 peer reviewed publications.

PhD supervision

  • Puck Imants (co-funded by the VU University and a TNO ERP); together with prof M. Martens; topic: route choice behavior.

Top publications

  • Landman, E.L. Groen, M.M. van Paassen, A.W. Bronkhorst, M. Mulder, ‘’Dealing with unexpected events on the flight deck: a conceptual model of startle and surprise”, Human Factors 59, 2017, pp 1161-1172.
  • Landman, E.L. Groen, M.M. van Paassen, A.W. Bronkhorst, M. Mulder, “The influence of surprise on upset recovery performance in airline pilots”, The International Journal of Aerospace Psychology 27, 2017, pp 2-14.
  • White, A.W. Bronkhorst , M. Meeter, “Annoyance by transportation noise: The effects of source identity and tonal components”, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 141, 2017, pp 3137-3144.

Most cited paper in the last 5 years:

  • W. Bronkhorst, “The cocktail-party problem revisited: Early processing and selection of multi-talker speech”, Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics 77, 2015, 1465-1487.


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