Frank van Vliet

Frank van Vliet

Principal Scientist
Frank van Vliet

I work in Microwaves. I do so as long as I can remember, and I hope to do so for many years to come. With a passion for Radio since my childhood, my professional career has focused entirely on Phased-Array systems, and in particular on pushing the technologies that make them work, enlarging and envisioning phased-array capabilities in view of future operational demands.

Research area

My research area at the university is Microwave Technology, with a focus on integration, which typically involves non-CMOS technologies. Application areas include Phased Array Antennas for radar and communication systems, wireless point-to-point and point-to-multi-point systems, short range radio and fixed communication infrastructure. Depending on the application, interfacing to wireless, optical or digital domains is relevant.

Recent results

A snapshot of research we have been performing recently:

  • Electro-Magnetics: The modelling and design of antenna elements that circumvent the symmetry of antenna patterns for large arrays. This research shows the possibilities and limits here-of, with applications present e.g. in limiting interference in satellite communication scenarios.
  • Array Systems: A deep analysis in the effects that occur when a single aperture is used to transmit multiple beams simultaneously. In particular, a translation of forward IMD specifications into much lighter reverse IMD specifications resulted. We are currently working on optimizing array structures given this possibility.
  • Power Amplifiers: In the quest for higher microwave power at higher efficiencies, a quest that we been involved in for some thirty years now, we have brought supply voltages for GaAs PAs at par with GaN PAs through the stacking of devices, and pushed the GaN power envelope far out again by demonstrating more than 400 W on a single matched die at S-Band.
  • Signal Generation: Next to single-chip multi-element (analogue) beamforming implementation, of which we have demonstrated many, we are now demonstrating Transmit-/Receive-modules where the signal generation can be locally implemented through PLLs or otherwise.

PhD supervision

  • Cristina Yepes, “3D Elements for Phased-Array Systems”
  • Gijs van der Bent, “Stacked-FET based GaAs Monolithic Microwave High-Power Amplifiers for Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar Front-Ends”
  • Kasra Garakoui, “Wideband RF beamforming: architectures, time-delays and CMOS implementations”
  • Michiel Soer, “Switched-RC Beamforming Receivers in Advanced CMOS: Theory and Design”
  • Teis Coenen, “Analysis and Design of Post-Wall Waveguides for Application in SIW”

Top publications

  • “Design procedure for integrated microwave GaAs stacked-FET high-power amplifiers”, G. van der Bent, A.P. de Hek, F.E. van Vliet, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques 67 (9), 3716-3731, 2019
  • “Analysis of the signal transfer and folding in N-path filters with a series inductance”, L. Duipmans, R.E. Struiksma, E.A.M. Klumperink, B. Nauta, F.E. van Vliet, IEEE transactions on circuits and systems I: regular papers 62 (1), 263-272, 2014
  • “A 0.2-to-2.0 GHz 65nm CMOS receiver without LNA achieving≫ 11dBm IIP3 and≪ 6.5 dB NF”, M.C.M. Soer, E.A.M. Klumperink, Z. Ru, F.E. van Vliet, B. Nauta, IEEE ISSCC 2009
  • “Fully-integrated core chip for X-band phased array T/R modules”, F.E. van Vliet, A. de Boer, IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, 2004

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