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How do we keep cities accessible in the future?

2 August 2017 • 1 min reading time

Cities are dynamic entities that face great challenges in making and keeping the urban environments of more and more inhabitants sustainable and liveable. What will the city of the future look like? In this series of articles, TNO focuses on the adaptive city, the accessible city, and the sustainable city. In this article we highlight the accessible city.

TNO’s vision on the city of the future primarily involves regarding it as a system that serves its stakeholders, including, not least of all, the people who live in it. The city is an interchange of physical, social and ICT networks – a complex system in which actors and those linked to them form the foundations and where connections are changing all the time. It is important that we gain a better understanding of the complexity of the urban system, with all its dependencies and connections, in order to make it sustainable and future-proof. In other words, learning by doing and safeguarding the lessons we learn.

“The spotlight is increasingly being placed on the mobility system’s users, and self-organizing flows of people and goods are making an appearance”

The accessible city

Accessible cities need a sustainable and efficient mobility and transport system, one that is in keeping with the city and its users. What new patterns – associated with which modalities – are created in this process? The spotlight is increasingly being placed on the mobility system’s users, and self-organizing flows of people and goods are making an appearance. It is important for each part of the system to be linked to – and to communicate with – every other part. At the same time, this requires centralized direction in order to create the parameters for decentralized systems.

Paper: the accessible city

Keen to find out how your city or region can plan its future flexibly? For further details, read the paper entitled ‘The accessible city’ or get in touch with us.


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