Maria Dolores Rodriguez Moreno

Maria Dolores Rodriguez Moreno

Senior Scientist at TNO and Professor at University of Alcala on AI
Maria Dolores Rodriguez Moreno

Professorship chair

Artificial Intelligence (University of Alcaia, Madrid).

Research area

My research focuses on developing and applying state of the art techniques in Artificial Intelligence to strategic domain such as Robotics, Energy Management or Cybersecurity.

Top publications

  • Carlos-Javier Hernández-Castro, María D. R-Moreno, David F. Barrero. BASECASS: A methodology for CAPTCHAs security assurance. Journal of Information Security and Applications, Volume 63, December 2021.
  • F. Barrero, O. Fontenla-Romero, F. Lamas-López, D. Novoa-Paradela, María D. R-Moreno and D. Sanz. SOPRENE: Assessment of the Spanish Armada’s Predictive Maintenance Tool for Naval Assets. Applied Sciences, vol. 11, no. 16, 2021
  • Aguilar, A. Garces-Jimenez, María D. R-Moreno and Rodrigo García. A Systematic Literature Review on the use of Artificial Intelligence in Energy Self-Management in Smart Buildings. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol. 151, 2021.

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Postal address

P.O. Box 96864
NL-2509 JG The Hague