Quantum technologies for the semiconductor market

QuTech Research Institute

Status project

2015 - ongoing

In cooperation with

TU Delft

QuTech (a collaboration between TU Delft and TNO) is a global leader that conducts research in the areas of quantum computing and quantum internet. In collaboration with industrial partners, QuTech focuses on scientific challenges and technological problems. We develop theories and methods to overcome the challenges in realising quantum technologies.

Realising quantum technology

QuTech (a collaboration between TU Delft and TNO) is a global leader in quantum technology research. QuTech works on useful applications using quantum technology, such as the first scalable quantum computer and secure quantum internet. QuTech has a high-performance hardware platform, theoretical tools, an excellent team, and a joint knowledge centre with industrial partners.

QuTech’s goals

QuTech is working on 4 goals that have been translated into roadmaps. These jointly contribute to the development of prototypes of quantum computers and quantum internet:

1. Fault-Tolerant Quantum

  • building scalable quantum computers
  • preventing and automatically correcting errors in qubits

2. Quantum Internet and Networked Computing

  • realising quantum internet
  • combining with quantum computers for secure data computing?

3. Topological Quantum Computing

  • developing a special type of (topological) qubit, which is better protected against errors because of its shape

4. Shared Development (SD)

  • helping the technology evolve to higher 'technology readiness’
  • integrating systems into demonstrators and prototypes
  • supervising the marketing of knowledge

Quantum computer in the cloud

QuTech developed Europe's first quantum computer in the cloud. It is the first in the world to compute with a quantum processor made of scalable spin qubits. Because this type of qubit is so small, it can be scaled up successfully.

Quantum Inspire online platform

Quantum Inspire is the online platform that makes the quantum computer in the cloud accessible to everyone. The platform also provides access to a processor made of superconducting (transmon) qubits. This combination is unique. Users can experiment with quantum algorithms and compare processors. With Quantum Inspire, QuTech aims to make the quantum computer accessible to the market and society as quickly as possible.

Check out the Quantum Inspire online platform

Collaboration with industry

Collaboration with industry is essential in the development of quantum technology. Microsoft is one of the key companies working closely with QuTech. TU Delft and TNO are pleased that the Microsoft Quantum Lab has been located at the Quantum Campus (Q-Campus) in Delft since 2019. Intel, the world's largest chip manufacturer, has also been investing in QuTech's quantum research since 2015. And the Q-Campus, which has grown up around QuTech, is home to more and more international players and offshoots of the institute.

TNO’s contribution

We are active in all QuTech roadmaps, in particular in supporting and managing technological development and in integrating technological developments into demonstrators for quantum computing and quantum internet. That's how we facilitate the marketing of quantum technology. We also give third parties access to QuTech demonstrators.

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