Extremely high-precision actuators are often required in astronomy and space science. In particular, segmented primary mirror telescopes require dedicated piston-tip-tilt actuators for the control of mirror surface positions in order to optimize optical performance. The accuracy of these precision actuators can also benefit other fields such as space science and laser communications with nanometer accuracy.

The TNO design of precision actuators for segmented astronomical telescopes and other mirrors have the following qualities:

Position Actuators for Segmented Mirrors
  • Proven 1.4 nm RMS accuracy with simple control
  • Better than 1 nm RMS accuracy with adaptive control
  • More reliable and lower-cost voice coil fine stage compared to piezo stage
  • Upto 1.2 μm/s proven tracking speed over 5-15 mm stroke
  • Power dissipation less than 1.0 W
  • Adjustable design allows range from low to high stiffness (‘soft’ or ‘hard’ characteristics) to adapt to different background vibration disturbances and safety requirements

If you need a reliable and flexible, nanometer-precision actuator for your application, please contact us.