What can you do to make solar panels cheaper? Which innovations can make your product even better and more competitive? How do you integrate these and other products in the built environment? Together with the industry, TNO is examining what already exists and what products and sub-products the user will need in ten years' time. From the design sketch to the overall concept - we will work it out with you.

Manufacturers, SMEs and multinationals are very good at devising and producing concepts, by definition with in-depth knowledge of specific materials. But what are the requirements for a particular environment? What regulations apply now and in the coming years? What does the heat demand of a building look like? In order to answer such questions, very different knowledge and skills are needed. TNO combines years of accumulated expertise with the availability of calculation models, experimental facilities and state-of-the-art technologies. Independently or in a consortium, nationally or in a European project, at low technology readiness level (TRL 2-3) or almost marketable (TRL 8-9) (prototype s), we contribute to the development and implementation of your products at an early stage. 

Product innovations 

Take heat storage in batteries. How do you store energy that is not used directly? Or think of the insulation of buildings. What does that mean in terms of health and comfort? And a heat pump - how do you make it smaller, faster and cheaper? The answer is not always the same. Technology in a renovation project, where often a relatively small item has to be built into the geometry, places different demands on the development than a new construction project with plenty of freedom to lay pipelines. Another important point of attention is smart control. How do you optimally coordinate all the components that play a role in energy in the built environment? If you want to know how a heat pump works in the building, you need to have a test environment that shows what can happen under extreme or unforeseen circumstances. 

Affordable, reliable and energy-efficient 

Are you faced with a problem? Do you have a question? Are you missing that little bit of specific material knowledge about coatings? Please contact us. Before you incur development costs, we will discuss your wishes and requirements with you. After that, you can either proceed or together we will embark on a development process for the most affordable, reliable and energy-efficient solution. 


Drs. Peter Paul van 't Veen

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